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Stucco Contractor Photo Gallery

  Stucco colors for residential

This small home is getting prepared for sale. New windows in front, sandblast and re-stucco, trim painting and a good clean up.


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Stucco finish completed

Damaged Stucco
Before. Water blasting of the stucco and wood reveal much of the damages caused by sun and water.
 Wood repair, new windows, elastomeric painting and trim paint.

After. Lifetime guarantee on materials.

Re stucco finish
Laguna Beach, CA.
Working on stucco projects may require the use and installation of temporary scaffolding.

Stucco with scaffolding.

Exposed wood can be repaired or removed. Here a rafter tail has been cut. Each one will be cut, sanded, primed and painted.
Damaged wood repair.
Stack stone work

Stack stone installations occur many times with new stucco installations and re-stucco finishing. Above there is also custom woodwork as well as sculpted glass.

Below stone installation process.

Stack stone with level.

  Stucco exterior

During (above) an exterior refinishing and After (below).

Stucco fix.

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